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Cripple Creek's Roulette System Guide


Whenever you play roulette online or in a real casino, you need to be aware of one thing: the casino will always have an edge on you, no matter what. There are people who figure they're just a bit smarter than the hundreds of probability experts who have checked and double checked every single possible bet in roulette, and they come up with "systems" that are supposed to make you a winner at roulette. Some even go further and try to sell their "systems" for hard cash.

One such system I heard of, is the "section system". Using this system, the player is supposed divide the wheel up into 3 thirds. Then he bets on two of these thirds and that'll give him a 66% chance of getting things right.

Supposedly, these bets have a 3-1 payout, so by betting $5 on two thirds and winning one of the bets one will walk away with $15 and a large smile on his face.

This sounds extremely simple and straightforward... I bet the casinos would never figure something like this out though...

Come on, get real. This system has a bunch of major flaws that make it completely useless. First of all, do your math right and you'll see the payout on such a bet is not 3-1 one but 2-1. Major difference. So where does that leave you? You'll basically have a 66% chance of winning your money back. That's one hot bargain if you ask me...

On top of that, whoever decided that the above described should be a "system" forgot to count in the 0 and 00. Because of the fact that if either of these numbers show up you lose both your bets, the house edge is further increased...

Another wining "system" some players advocate, is betting the streaks. A winning streak in roulette happens when you win several times betting the same number, so you figure you might as well stick to that number or number-pattern for your next bet.

This one is really simple to dismantle: any unbiased and mechanically sound poker wheel will generate a completely random sequence of numbers (after all, this is exactly what Blaise Pascal invented and used it for, in the first place) .

Every single spin on such a wheel is a completely random event independent on what might've happened before. There are roulette wheels in real brick and mortar casinos, that have some sort of mechanical flaw, which goes by undetected by the casino. In theory, it is impossible to create a mechanically perfect wheel, so in theory, it is possible for a real wheel to generate streaks. In practice however, the casino staff will most probably be the first one to detect such a flaw. Think about it: they are there watching the results all day long. If anything suspicious pops up, they'll be the first to know, trust me on this one.

Bottom line is, I wouldn't count on streaks happening because of a mechanic flaw in a real live casino. Online casinos are a different matter. Here, there are no mechanics, only digital random-number generators and software. There are practically 0 chances for anything other than a perfectly independent and random result coming up. Conclusion: do not bet streaks, or bet them but be aware that by doing so, you won't achieve an advantage over anything else you might've bet on. By the nature of the game streaks do happen. But their occurrence is no more likely than that of any other sequence of numbers.

So, should you believe anyone offering to sell you some really good roulette system for cash? Obviously NOT. First of all, there's a huge contradiction here: if the guy has a system that works (which he can't have because it doesn't exist, but let's suppose he has one anyway...) why on earth would he sell it to you for $20? Would you sell it if you had such a system? No, you wouldn't. The first thing you'd do is hit a casino and win insane sums of money from the house. (the fact that the casino would most probably home in on you and discover your system, that very day, is a different matter)
You can win on roulette, but long-term, you'll end up a loser. How can you win? Picture the following scenario: you log on to your favorite online casino and with the very first bet you make, you triple up. Your wife then calls you away so you log off and leave. That's your winning move right there. The problem is, however, that if you come back the next day to repeat the feat you'll most probably lose or win again and lose some other time in the future.

Try to see online roulette for what it really is: a game. Have fun playing it and don't make it your goal to make a living off it.

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