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Colorado Casino Guide

Go for a smaller one or a more established one?

The competition among the smaller ( and older) casinos, and the newly arrived money-fueled giants, in Black Hawk, has the parties deploying different arrays of 'weapons'
The giants try to attract crowds by creating a Las Vegas copycat, flashy atmosphere which the small casinos cannot hope to match. On the other hand, they also offer live poker rooms and blackjack tables – factors which obviously tilt the balance in their favor, and attract a much more diverse crowd than the video poker and slot machine-filled smaller casinos around town.

On the other side of the barricade, the small enterprises promote a more traditional approach to gambling, as the last weapon they can wield against an overwhelming opposition.

The resulting mix is a guarantee that everyone will find something in Black Hawk to satisfy his gambling-taste, whether he's looking for tradition, flashiness or simply for the game he likes best.

The Richman Casino is one of the more traditional venues in town. It screams 'small mining town' from afar. One look is all it takes to see what this casino is after.

The gambling here is OK, ( their slot club is quite excellent) however, they do not have live poker or blackjack tables. The Richman is located in the middle of Black Hawk's busiest intersection, and the pizza here is, simply put, the best around. So much so, that employees of nearby casinos ( and these include the Mardi Gras, the Lodge and the Mountain High) order their food from here.

Free valet parking is available at the Richman Casino, and there are about 112 slot machines with the usual $5 max limit on their denominations. In-house and state-wide progressives are offered, and you can also play video poker here, in the 5cent-$5 range.

The Eureka Casino (across the street from the Black Hawk Station Casino) is another fine example of how well tradition and gambling mingle. Though it's a small operation, the friendliness of the staff, the good dining and the authentic atmosphere more than make up for the lack of live poker and blackjack tables. There are 139 slots you can gamble at and video poker players will also like what the Eureka has on offer gambling-wise.Progressives are available, both in in-house and in state-wide format.

The Mexican restaurant upstairs will make sure you don't leave the place feeling hungry.
As far as authenticity goes, the Golden Gulch Casino is right up there with the best of them. It is owned by the Mardi Gras Casino, and thus, when it comes to dining, other than the snack-bar that they have, hitting the Mardi Gras' restaurant is the best choice.
There are 225 slot machines inside, offering the usual state-wide and in-house progressives. Video poker and free parking are also part of the package.

With its unmatched selection of big and small casinos, Black Hawk is, beyond doubt, the gambling capital of Colorado. No wonder it's the most popular destination for people seeking a gambling opportunity here. Popularity equals crowds, and for many, that might not be the thing they'd like to be part of, during their holiday.

For these gamblers, a less-than-a-mile drive up the road will be the solution for the problem. Central City is the gambling hideaway of Colorado. You'll find here everything you liked about Black Hawk, minus the crowds.

Central City was born as a direct consequence of John Gregory's 1859 find, The Gregory Lode, and the gold-rush that followed it. In two months, Central City's population went from 0 to 10.000.

The Teller House, one of Central City's most prominent attractions, was built in 1872 by Henry Teller ( the first Colorado senator) Legend has it, miners laid the walkway ( from the street to Teller's hotel ) with silver bars to impress the visiting president Grant. The whole setup backfired, though, as the president wasn't the least bit impressed by it.

1874 was another important year in the city's history. It was the year, when the fire destroyed most of the buildings and the town had to be rebuilt.

The Central City Opera was finished in 1878, and over the years, it played host to performers like Buffalo Bill and PT Barnum's circus.  It is one of the city's major landmarks to the present day. Through its short but eventful history, Central City has experienced periods of economic boom as well as depression.

Currently, it's enjoying a boom-phase again: the boom brought about by legalized limited stakes gambling, in 1991.

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