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Colorado Casino Guide

Welcome To Central City Gambling Report

Next stop on our Colorado gambling tour is Central City. After having experienced an early gambling boom, even before the one taking place now in Black Hawk, Central City became a second-rate gambling attraction. After all the big casinos moved into Black Hawk, many gamblers didn't care any longer to drive the extra mile to check on what Central City had to offer.

This has led to a decline in visitor numbers on one hand, and it transformed Central City into a secluded little gambling refuge on the other hand. If you're looking for a quiet and intimate gambling experience, Central City is the place for you. Gambling-wise you'll be treated to everything Black Hawk could offer you, yet the crowds and the mad rush surrounding them, will be absent.

The same factors also contributed to keeping Central City's Old West flavor untainted, thus lending it the most authentic feel of the three Colorado mining-gambling towns.

If you intent to find the city in its more or less pristine present condition, though, I advise you to hurry up. The new Central City Parkway delivers visitors to the city directly from I-70 fast and fuss free, making Central City, once again, a more accessible destination than Black Hawk itself.

The balance might soon tip back in Central City's favor, so its image as the gambling hideout of the state of Colorado might soon change, too.

The Arapaho and Cheyenne indian tribes are already showing great interest in Central City's newly established gambling potential, and they're going to great lengths in order to acquire permission to build a casino in the city.

For those who like the occasional bustle and the flashy-sparkly lavish casino settings, Central City has the right answer: The Fortune Valley Hotel and Casino.

Not only is the Fortune Valley the largest casino in Central City, but it's in fact the only one in town with a hotel attached. The best thing about this casino is that they offer live poker. There are 7 poker tables in their poker room, and for blackjack-lovers, there are 8 live blackjack tables.

They have more than a thousand slot machines, featuring the usual in-house progressives. You can sign up to their slots club online for added benefits.

The one feature, however, that makes this place famous not only in central City but the whole state of Colorado is the live music.

With just about the only dance floor in the Black Hawk area, the Fortune Valley is indeed a unique casino. You can eat, dance, play video poker or slots, even live poker, in a word: benefit from the most complete gambling-entertainment package Colorado has to offer.
The casino also features plasma TVs for sports bettors, or for those who simply enjoy viewing a good game in a pleasant atmosphere surrounded by friendly faces. Club 234 ( at Fortune Valley) can rightfully be called the most happening spot in Central city and Black Hawk.

Fortune Valley also has a host of nice promotions to attract gamblers: if you earn more than 150 UC points the same day – and you do it on a Wednesday – you get to take home one of their free gift giveaways.

Talking about unique establishments, The Doc Holliday Casino in Central City is certainly a place to see. A long time downtown Central City resident, The Doc Holiday Casino has recently moved into a historic building, one that is worth a visit, even if you couldn't care less about slots and video poker. Even if you're a gambler who feels slots and video poker are a useless waste of time, the Doc Holliday Casino will still have you hooked.

They're one of those small casinos that gave up quantity for quality. You'll find a live poker table here as well as 2 blackjack tables. You won't even feel like you're in a casino at all, the live card-games coupled with the authenticity of the location will have you thinking you just took a trip back in time.

If you ever get hungry while playing poker at The Doc Holliday Casino, the snack bar will take good care of your appetite. They serve sandwiches and chili.

Besides the already described attractions, you'll also find 274 slot machines, and progressive video poker with in-house progressives.

The casino staff is incredibly friendly, and you can park for free, right on the street, or pull up to the Central City parking lot and take the shuttle to Doc Holliday.

The Easy Street Casino is another Central City establishment where you can play live card-games. 3 card poker and blackjack are available in this respect, the former at a single table, the latter at 2 tables.

200 slot machines and video poker is also available with in-house progressives.
Millie's restaurant will look after your stomach, and you can park for free around the building. 

Keeping with the smaller casinos in Central City, we'll visit the Eureka Casino next time, as well as the Famous Bonanza.

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