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Colorado Casino Guide

Colorado Gambling - which one suits you most?

With the rumor that the stakes limits will be raised soon (from the current $5 limit) gambling in Colorado has never looked this good. As  the town of Black Hawk slowly starts to be reminiscent of Las Vegas, and with the mining towns of Cripple Creek and Central City not lagging far behind, a gambler is likely to find a game that is to his liking no matter what he's looking for. Live poker and blackjack are in full bloom in the bigger casinos, and since there are plenty of tables around, table selection won't be a problem either. (table selection is usually the biggest problem live poker players face, because of the limited number of tables available at a certain game type at a given limit.)

There is one place in Black Hawk, though, where table selection won't be a problem.

The Lodge Casino has no less than 18 poker tables, and 12 blackjack tables. This makes it the largest poker room in town. You can play Texas Holdem, Omaha and Seven Card Stud here.

Its selection of progressive video poker and slots is also quite outstanding. There are 900 slot machines with denominations ranging from 5 cents to $5 and the progressives offered are in house ones as well as state-wide.

The Lodge Casino was the very first gambling establishment in town to also boast a hotel. Their 50 room hotel is only second to the Isle of Capri Hotel, to this very day. It's central location makes it an ideal spot to spend the night at, the historic downtown  is only a short walk away.

The Lodge wouldn't be the high profile gambling destination that it is, if it didn't have the White Buffalo and a couple of other restaurants (Seasons Buffet and Jake's Deli) to take good care of hungry gamblers.

As most Casinos in Black Hawk, the Lodge also gives players the possibility to join their Winners Club. Membership carries advantages such as: $5 back on every 1000 points earned, free gifts and monthly giveaways, comp dollars – only to name a few.
To top it all off, they have a rich events-calendar, that makes sure the Lodge will always be one of the most happening places in Black Hawk.

Continuing on our search for the best and most complete gambling spot in Black Hawk, we soon find ourselves in front of the truly impressive Mountain High Casino on Richman street. One of the newest casinos in Black Hawk, the Mountain High also caters to a wide array of gamblers. Slots freaks, video poker junkies and live poker and Blackjack players will all feel right at home here.

There are 10 live poker tables, 13 Blackjack tables, over 1.100 slot machines. The progressives offered are either state-wide or in-house ones. Dining is available, however, there's no hotel attached to the casino.

Rounding up our presentation of the bigger casinos in Black Hawk, we have the Canyon Casino and its sister, the Grande Plateau Casino. The walls inside both these casinos are made of simulated granite to highlight the theme.

The Canyon offers 600 slot machines in the usual stakes-range (5 cents to $5). They only have in-house progressives, though, and no live poker tables. There are, however, 4 live blackjack tables and a restaurant upstairs. Free valet parking is also available.

The Grande Plateau Casino is physically attached to the Canyon. It offers – among other things - complementary drinks, a TV room, a gift-shop and a non smoking section for gamblers not keen on inhaling other people's smoke.

The Golden Gates Casino is also one of the larger casinos in Black Hawk but it's practically swallowed by the Mardi Gras (presented in out previous article) the most interesting feature the Golden Gates Casino has to offer, is the separate poker room with 12 live poker tables. There are only 460 slot machines in the casino, so I suppose it's safe to say it's a poker player's place. Contrary to the other big casinos, the Golden Gates Casino is set on keeping things traditional. Live music is no stranger from the place, and the atmosphere is also kept as local-specific as possible.

Next up, we'll go back and pay our respects to tradition by visiting some of the humbler Black Hawk gambling establishments, such as the Richman Casino, the Eureka Casino, the Golden Gulch Casino and then say goodbye to the town of Black Hawk.

There's plenty more to see in Central City, and that's exactly where we're headed next.

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