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Colorado Casino Guide

Cripple Creek's gambling report II

If you're looking for live poker and blackjack, I bet you'll like the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino's poker room. With their 6 live poker tables, and 4 live blackjack tables, the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino is one of the few places in the state where live card-games are available.

It is also one of the few casinos in town that has a hotel attached, so lodging won't be a problem here.

Besides the live poker and blackjack ( I'm a poker player so please forgive me if I focus too much on these games) the Double Eagle has the industry standard slot machines ( loose slots) and video poker.

They also have video keno games, and cocktails are free for all players.

Dining is a bit of a problem, though. Not because of the lack of a restaurant, but because of the fact that the hungry gambler might feel confused by the multitude of culinary offers the casino provides: choose Lombard's for their excellent Friday-night seafood buffet, but then again, there's still Winfield's and Starbuck's, and for those who only want to indulge in a little bit of snacking, there's the Deli.

Parking is – quite naturally – not a problem at the Double Eagle. You can park free in their garage.

If you're a regular at the Double Eagle it definitely makes sense to get your own Premier Club Card. By inserting this card into the slot machines when playing, you generate player points whether you win or lose. These player points can later be used for buying gifts from the Double Eagle's gift-shop, you can use these points to pay for meals, entertainment tickets or even hotel rooms. On top of it all, whenever you pay with premier points, you get 10% of on every purchase you make at the casino.

The Gold Creek Casino is one of the newest gambling venues in Cripple Creek. It's one of the smaller casinos that strive for authenticity.There are 86 slot machines, ( with the usual 5cent to $5 denominations) in-house progressives, and video poker. No Live poker or Blackjack is offered. Dining and parking is available at the Double Eagle.

Its name a clear reference to the city's past, the Gold Digger Casino is an addition to the Gold Rush Casino which is also one of the bigger casinos in Cripple Creek. They have over 282 slots, and video poker, however they do not have live poker and only 4 live blackjack tables.

The Grapevine restaurant offers excellent dining, and the parking is free. Lodging is available at the hotel at the Gold Rush casino, and the customer service is without a doubt among the best in town. The building which hosts the Gold Rush looks and feels authentic. The name, the location and the authenticity make this casino one of the prime gambling destinations in Cripple Creek.

The Imperial Casino Hotel is one of  Cripple Creek's truly authentic gems. Built in 1896, the building that houses the casino, has probably seen its fair share of rugged prospectors pass through town, and through its antiques and Victorian feel, it lets its guests get a taste of the Old West too.

Needless to say that lodging at the  Imperial Casino is not going to be a problem, and their staff is excellent too. Advertised as 'the hot spot' for slots, The Imperial offers hundreds of slot machines and video poker, and many progressives.

The promotions system at the Imperial is one of the best in town. For every $2 you spend playing there, you get 1 player point. Every 500 such player points are worth $5 back for the player. Their Player's Club has 3 membership levels: silver, gold and platinum. If you accumulate 50.000 – 125.000 player points you qualify for the silver benefits.125.000-750.000 is gold, and above 750.000 is platinum.Benefits include free dinners at Stratton's Steakhouse, invitations to special events, free valet parking and more.

If you need to take a break from gambling and fill up the good old bread-basket every now and then Stratton's Stakehouse awaits you with plenty of space and exquisite menus. Their wine-offer is the best in town.

Talking about taking a break between two jackpots to refuel, JP McGill's Grill is also an excellent choice for fine cuisine. Sandwiches, made at Dynamite Dick's, are also available at JP McGill's, upstairs.

Originally built by an Irish prospector, the building burnt down in 1896, but was rebuilt and it is now one of the most happening spots in Cripple Creek

JP McGill's offers gamblers about 300 slot machines, video slots and video poker. Despite the fact that it's one of the bigger and most famous casinos in town, JP McGill's has no live poker or blackjack.

The mezzanine gaming floor is the latest addition to the casino, offering a great view of what's going on below, with elevators and a grand staircase providing access to it.

Parking is free in the Triple Crown Parking garage.

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