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Cripple Creek's Slot Machines Guide


I used to laugh at the idea of having to read a page-long article in order to be able to make the most of playing slots at a live or an online casino. After all, you just put the coins in and you pull the lever, right? It should be that simple…

Unfortunately the time I’ve already spent on this ball of mud we call home, has already taught me – among other things – that in life nothing is as simple as  it’s complicated.
Nowadays, I no longer laugh at the idea of reading up a tad on some slots tips before I head to the casino or before I decide to log on to my favorite online gambling room.

It just doesn’t pay in the long-run to consider yourself smarter than other people, and disregard their opinions and advice from the get go. Experience shows that you’re better off paying a little bit of attention that might just reap huge (or small) benefits for you later on.

With that in mind, let us see some useful little things you can apply when playing slots in order to better your chance for winning.

First thing’s first: choose the slot machine you want to play carefully. In land based casinos there are slots that are tighter than usual and there are slots that are looser. You definitely want to play them loose ones, so ask around a bit, locals and people who are regulars at the casino, know which is which. On top of that, you need to choose a machine with the right denomination. It’s no use playing a 1 dollar machine on 10 bucks, but then again, if you have $200 to spend, a one dollar machine sounds fine. You also need to take a careful look at how many reels there are on the machine you intend to play. There are three reelers, four reelers, five reelers and so on. Of course, the probability of a winning line made up of three symbols is a lot bigger than that of a five-symbol winning line. You also need to check out how many winning lines the machine offers. Chances are that the more reels it has, the more payout combinations it offers too. See which machine has the best reel-number/ payout line ratio.

The reason you have to pay a keen attention to the denominations the machine uses, is the following: you always want to play max coins on every given machine. Now then, it’s just not the same if you have to play a 50 cent machine on our $50 bankroll or a 2 dollar one. Why do you have to play max coins? You see, today, every self respecting casino and online casino offers progressive jackpots. These jackpots are made up of a fraction of all the losses players register at all the slot-machines in the given casino or online casino. Sometimes ( lately, I’d say more often than not) these slot machines are also connected to other casinos even if they are half a state distance from one another. These are called wide-area progressives and the sums involved here are obviously huge. You only qualify for such progressives if you play the max coins on the machine of your choice.

I’ll be frank about this though: the chances of you actually hitting one of these jackpots is rather minimal, however minimal is still better than zero, isn’t it?

Also if you play the max coins whenever you win, you win big...

Another interesting thing you can squeeze a little advantage out of, is the auto-spin feature. Many new slot machines feature it, and most online casinos have it too. What it does is to basically spin the reels for you in set time-intervals, playing the amount of coins you set it to. Whether you believe it or not, auto spin is just as good as when you spin the reels manually, and making use of the feature will give you enough time to play some other game and thus spend your time at the casino in a more efficient way.

Last but definitely not least: the best piece of advice concerning slots. Always play for fun. If you intend to make a living playing slots I’ll strongly advise you to reconsider. The house edge built into these machines makes it extremely difficult for players to win constantly. As the saying goes: never play for more money than you can afford to take to the back of our garden and burn.

Slots are supposed to be fun, but to tell you the truth, I haven’t really heard of anyone yet who’s made a living off playing slots. So, play for fun and if you do manage to hit one of them fancy jackpots, do let me know.

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