Charming Central City

Central City oozes Victorian Charm, as the county seat of the "Little Kingdom of Gilpin." With its rich architecture the whole town is eye candy for history buffs, with three stately churches, the old courthouse, the famous Teller House, Opera House and unforgettable Main Street. The county has produced over $80 million in gold since 1859, more than 60% of the state's production. Central City became known as the "Richest Square Mile on Earth." The town is still rich with opera, bluegrass, jazz and art festivals and of course the world-famous Lou Bunch Day bed races.

There's plenty of events and attractions. Visitors will find some great dining and gambling in a smaller, intimate environment and big casino action and live music at Harvey's down the road. The town, with its breathtaking scenery, is the ideal getaway. Luxuriate in the comfort of Harvey's three-diamond-rated hotel or stay in a quaint bed & breakfast. Then, make a day of gambling and sightseeing in the area. The views from "Oh My Gawd" road will astound you, the haunting memories of Central's cemeteries will inspire you and the "Face on the Bar room Floor" will move you.

Central City Today Harvey's Stampede bus service will move you up the mountain from Denver in safety and comfort, or catch Coach USA to your favorite gambling hall. City shuttles help you maneuver with ease through the communities, and many drivers share interesting stories about the town's history and legends.

Central City is centrally located between the Gregory Diggings and the mines of old Nevada Gulch. The town has the state's oldest continuously-published newspaper, a great "underground" paper, worth snagging on a visit, and was the first town in the nation to have electric outside street lights in 1889. It also was one of the first with telegraph and telephone service.

During the gold rush days, Central City had a swelling population of 6,487 and was considered for the state capitol. Back in 1881, the city had two banks, several quartz mills, several churches and schools, plenty of brothels (Madam Lou Bunch's brothel was the most famous) and an opera house. Princes, kings and presidents have visited the "Richest Square Mile on Earth," and you will want to visit too!

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